CADDIS Eyewear, high quality blue light blocking readers, sunglasses, and progressives
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CADDIS Eyewear is on a Mission

CADDIS | See and Be Seen

We are incredibly pleased to be able to offer Caddis eyewear at our Asheville based boutique and in our online store. Browse our selection of these incredible cool readers, and sunglasses, and elevate your style! CADDIS is “calling bullshit on 50 is the new 40, on the whole fountain of youth illusion, on the many industries that are profiting on vanity and fear of age, on the concept of “aging gracefully” and on the notion of raging against the dying of the light”. We love bold statements and Caddis is a bold look that doesn’t try to hide behind outdated ideas about aging. Your work, your experience, your life, your statement.

It’s More than Eyewear

Further seeks out products who are about more than just looking good. We are part of a movement of businesses who want to elevate the way we do business. By empowering individuals and companies who challenge the status quo Further Boutique goes beyond the surface. That is why our product range represents everything from small co-op based handmade goods to companies who have had a major positive impact on their industries. We are unabashedly fashion forward, earth-centered, individualists who don’t easily fall into a generic category and we know that you are too. Bringing products like Caddis to you is about much more than stylish glasses. It is about helping drive the conversation about personal style. It’s about transcending stereotypes and making for something better! Real self expression, self care, and a more expansive narrative of life.

See for Yourself

We hope you will explore the Caddis website and take a deeper dive into Caddis Eyewear and their mission. They hook you with the high quality, well crafted, blue light blocking, reading glasses, but it’s all about the message and “crushing the stereotypes about what it means – and how it feels – to get older”. Indulge yourself and your style.