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Classes Now Open to the Public!

We have added 4 public classes to our schedule-AND you can book here

or click classes on the menu bar. Don’t forget your masks!

The classes are:

Monday//8:15-9:00 Further FIIT

Tuesday//8:15-9:15 Further FLOW

Wednesday//8:15-9:00 Further FIIT

Friday/8:15-9:15 Further FLOW

FURTHER FIIT Further’s take on HIIT. A total body workout that uses a combination of high intensity cardio moves as well as body weight resistance strength-training to insure that you torch major calories & fat while creating long, lean muscles. BRING A MAT, WATER, MASK & SNEAKERS!

FURTHER FLOW A powerful and energetic vinyasa flow class, where you connect dynamic movements with the rhythm of the breath, to help you build strength, flexibility, balance and mental stamina. BRING A MAT, WATER & MASK