Banjanan is a women’s ready-to-wear brand that was founded in 2013 by designer Caroline Weller. The Jaipur, India based brand is known for its vibrant colors and unique prints. Dedicated to supporting and sustaining the local textile community, Banjanan works with local skilled artisanal craftsman to create each piece.
“After so many years in New York, I started to get the feeling everything was becoming so homogenized. But here in Jaipur, it’s the opposite—everything is slow. Some fabrics take weeks or a month to finish, and I thought, ‘What happened to the idea that something worth having is worth waiting for?’ — Vogue
“Sometimes the patterns don’t align or the dyes fail to dry and bloom beyond their borders (no printing is done during the monsoon for that reason). It’s the tiny flaws, and the sense of a human hand, that give them depth.” — T Magazine. The New York Times

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