Ocean + Main

Eco friendly caftans and tunics inspired by the ocean, made on main street. Ethically sourced and locally made in Los Angeles.
At ocean+main, we love the ocean.
We love being in it, around it, near it, but most importantly SAVING IT!  Responsible water usage and water conservation is a pivotal part of what  ocean+main does.  We are proud that many of our styles require zero water in production, but to ensure quality, some of our fabrics need a rinse. When necessary, we only use recycled and reclaimed water in trace amounts.  Oh, and we’re obsessed with caftans.
Loving Nature
Protecting the ocean and all things natural is our raison d’être.  Each year the garment industry prints, dyes and treats millions of yards of fabric and what isn’t used in production gets sold off.  We love to find these beautiful fabrics and re-purpose them for you.  Using up-cycled fabrics means we aren’t further taxing Mother Earth’s limited resources.   When we work with a fabric mill or artisan, we ensure no fixatives (the really bad stuff) are used for the dyes and the water is 100% recycled.
YEAH main street!
All our garments are made in Los Angeles which means we are supporting local artisans and keeping production at home in the US of A.  Made in the USA also means we aren’t shipping garments over a continent and an ocean before they get to you.

We love limited edition:

We might make 5.  We might make 50.
All ocean+main garments come with a numbered hang tag.  Now you know exactly how many were produced and the provenance of the fabric.

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