instructor Karen Fuhrman demonstrates a yoga posture
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The Power of Movement for Positive Change

The power of movement changes everything.

The power of movement has many positive benefits. There is no one size fits all routine and nor should you want there to be. Why limit yourself? The short answer is, don’t. Whether it be a daily walk with your dog, a short virtual workout, or a regular yoga practice you can start reaping the benefits of regular exercise today. For stress relief, recovering from injury, or training for endurance in sport, movement offers a benefit to anyone at any level. You only need a body to begin!

Simply stretching your arms over your head & taking a deep breath alters your physical and mental state. We often think of exercise in terms of how much we strain but in reality starting small and enjoying the journey to better fitness doesn’t need to be all strain to make gains. What if you don’t feel motivated to move? We get it! Here are some tips from our wonderful staff at Further Yoga:

Set yourself up to win with a movement routine that reflects you

Place a yoga mat in the same location in your home where there’s not a lot of traffic. My room is my “Cloffice” (closet office) and my yoga mat stays on the floor. After I’ve done my morning things (coffee, dogs, check in with family) I go to my cloffice and sit on my mat with my phone and computer. Once you’re down on the floor, it’s easy to do some crunch and push ups! I started slow, just a few sets and found that the more I did the better I felt and the more I wanted to move. The desire to move builds with time…trust me.

Don’t stress it. Just do it.

To receive the benefits of the power of movement you don’t have to work up a sweat, you don’t have to have the perfect workout clothes on, in fact start in your PJ’s if you want, Just move! Stretch, crunch, squat, then build on it. If you miss a day or two, don’t worry and don’t quit. Start again. It’s easy to fall into a trap of what you have not done. Focus on what you have done! If you did one day this week celebrate that fact and try to build on it. Set goals as you grow. As your energy and stamina improve your desire to move will grow.

Listen & read.

Read or listen to at least one thing that lights you up every day. Our attitudes and reactions are formed by what we eat, watch, read, listen to and who we surround ourselves with. Surround yourself with uplifting things. Even if you just go on Pinterest and search “uplifting quotes” a simple spark can start your own little fire.

Start small, stay the course and you will get results!